World is whining out due to likely victory of Donald Trump. It is hardly surprising, because the world is accustomed to a certain order, which will go down in history. I do not know what Donald Trump means as a politician. Nobody knows, because Donald does not have any political records. But I know what kind of a businessman Donald is. I do not agree that Donald Trump is unpredictable. The world is afraid of him, because Donald is highly effective and calls a spade a spade. But the world never loves such people


I am not surprised that Donald won the presidential election, neither did Brexit a month after my visit (fourth) in the UK. His campaign slogan: “Make America Great again” is nothing but a very clever usage of Machiavelli’s words, which in terms of people management are always true – “Therefore, The prudent Prince should always and in every circumstance devise a way for his subjects to make them feel the need for his government, then they always will be loyal to him


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